Soluble dietary fiber


Soluble dietary fiber for nutritional benefits, including calorie, fat and sugar reduction, and digestive health.


High fiber content, up to 85% (dry matter)

Low sugars content, down to 0.5% (dry matter)

100% from natural origin

Range of products with different cereal origin

Clinically-proven nutritional benefits

Low caloric value

Low glycaemic index:

Low insulinaemic index

Prolonged energy release, decreased hunger feeling

Prebiotic effects

Digestive health

Outstanding tolerance

Sugar reduction

Fat reduction

Calorie reduction

Easy to process

Remarkable solubility

Resistance to heat and acid conditions

Resistance to shear

Resistance to yeast fermentation

Low hygroscopicity leading to high stability in humid conditons and good flowability




Dairy product and ice cream

Powdered fiber supplement

Baking: bread, cake, pastry…

Soup and sauce

Fruit application

Infant food and clinical nutrition


85% fiber - Nutriose FM / FB 06

Baking, drinks/fruits, dairy products, nutrition, confectionery

70% fiber - Nutriose FM / FB 10

Baking, confectionery, 

60% fiber - Nutriose FM / FB 14


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