Pea protein


Extracted from the dry yellow pea, with a process that ensures a 85 to 90% protein obtention, with a high level of functionality


Emulsifying power (1/5/5)

Protein enrichment

Solubility varies with pH, being maximal at pH 8

Excellent digestibility

Fast protein source


Meat, fish and analogous products

Sauces and prepared foods

Milk protein substitutes

Meal replacements and sports products

Snacks and cereal products


Two lines of proteins are proposed

Nutralys F

Primarily emulsifying functional proteins

There are three types: Nutralys F 85 F (Fine), Nutralys F 85 M (Medium), Nutralys F 85 G (Large)

Nutralys S

Developed so as to maximize their solubility.

Main type is Nutralys S 85 F (Fine)

Nutralys XF

Excellent mouth feel and suspensibility in drinks, shakes or gels for Specific Nutrition

Nutralys BF

Fits with high protein content and technology requirement in Baking applications

Nutralys T (65% proteinas en base seca)

Textured pea protein – to meet the texture for meat and meat analog

Lean ingredient , with low ash content

Alternative to soy and gluten-based textured protein concentrates

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