Purox S - Grains


Emerald Kalama

Sodium Benzoate is primarily used as FDA GRAS food additive and preservative in food and beverage applications to reduce or inhibit activity of microorganisms.

The major application of sodium benzoate is as a food and beverage preservative, because it provides an effective combination of antimicrobial action, low cost and safety. Furthermore, Purox S has an excellent odor and taste profile. Common uses are in fruit juices and fruit salads, while it is also used in jellies, salad dressings, prepared salads, sauces and condiments, pickles, olives and especially diet soft drinks.

Thanks to the unique shaping process, Purox® S has almost perfectly round particles with a narrow particle size distribution. The result of this tailor-made particle size distribution is an optimal combination of low dust content, high flow and excellent dissolution properties. Dust-free processing is achieved by the minimal content of small particles, and optimal dissolution performance by the absence of large particles.

This granular presentation corresponds to high purity degree. Other availables presentations of the sodium benzoate: Powder, Extruded Dust Free (EDF) and Dense Granules.


  • Kalama Kosher Certificate
  • Rotterdam ISO 14001 Certificate
  • Rotterdam FSSC 22000 Certificate
  • Rotterdam Halal (HFCE) Certificate
  • Rotterdam Halal (IFANCA) Certificate
  • Rotterdam ISO 9001 Certificate
  • Rotterdam OHSAS Certificate


FCC, USP/NF, Ph.Eur., BP, JP, E211.