Since the beginnings of spark erosion cutting, Bedra has significantly contributed to the further development of technology and production processes in mould and tool making. With the functional coatings for wire electrodes developed by Bedra, an enormous increase in removal performance can be achieved.
bedra electronics - wires for the electronics industry A smooth data flow in various electronic devices call for high-quality, miniaturized components: for example, connectors with high contact density. bedra produces adequate electronic wire for the automotive industry, telecommunications, information and consumer electronics.
bedra welding - wires for brazing & welding bedra produces filler metals for permanent weld joints. Automotive industry, rail and shipbuilding, plant engineering and civil engineering profit from the high quality of their wire electrodes.
bedra specialties - wires for special application For example, itís our anchor wires that will make toothbrushes complete, and itís our optical wires from which high-quality glasses are manufactured and bedra resistance wires give off cosiness heat