Botanical extracts obtained organically, in order to guarantte it's higher purity and superior quality.
Improves body shape, decreases water retention and acts as an extremely potent antioxidant.
With a high concentration of PACs available and it's low sucrose level and acidy, works perfectly on the urinary tract health.
It's higher equol production improves menopausal symptoms
Patented cactus powder, helps to regulate blood lipids and supports healthy weight management.
Antioxidante and LDL cholesterol protector, ideal for cardiovascular health
A 100% vegetable, GMO & allergen free extract, source of BCAA; can be used for baby food, and sports nutrition.
It has active forms of resveratrol, and is more efficient that polygonum. Anti aging.
Acts as a mood improvement and stress relief product
Source of magnesium, useful forfatigue reduction
Rich in OPC nd high ORAC; anti aging effect.
Full spectrum of wine polyphenols, original "glass in a pill" concept. Anti aging.