Friesland Campina

El mantenimiento de una microflora intestinal sana es vital para un cuerpo sano. Vivinal GOS, un ingrediente prebiótico hecha por FrieslandCampina, ayuda a asegurar esto. Suplemento ideal en nutrición infantil.


 GOS: the prebiotic ingredient derived from milk.  Human milk is the best nutrition for newborns, giving them everything they need for their bodies to develop. Oligosaccharides are a major component of human milk.They are thought to make a special contribution to the development and natural protection of an infant’s health. When breast milk is not available, cow’s milk-based infant formula is the best alternative. Cow’s milk, the base for infant formula, hardly contains oligosaccharidesTo reach the intended levels of oligosaccharides in infant formula, FrieslandCampina Domo developed an ingredient that can be supplemented to infant nutrition: Vivinal GOS. Addition of Vivinal GOS can result in different health benefits.

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